Premium ERM Software

Flagship enterprise retail management (ERM) software of Computer And Technologies Holdings Limited (C&T), ChainStorePlus is an integrated retail management platform for your global business. A premium award-winning software suite created and grown in Hong Kong, which is one of the most sophisticated yet vibrant retail hubs in the world, ChainStorePlus enables retailers to deploy outlets for multiple brands across countries and manage their retail operations with a global perspective.

Providing sophisticated features to support multi-brand and multi-country operations (either as principal or distributor), ChainStorePlus empowers customers with a unique management platform of robust functions for the point of sale (POS), cashier, back office, inventory, etc. and those that push your in-store management beyond the traditional way of success in retail, e.g. promotion mix & match, queue busting, mobile payment, customer loyalty management and global bonus points. With ChainStorePlus, the POS in the store is no longer the traditional digital cashier or electronic point of sale (ePOS), but a smart POS as the service hub of the whole store, geared with the latest tech for mobility (POS app), that enables staff to more efficiently, effectively, wisely serve today's customers. The high-performance retail management ecosystem, which is the seamless coordination between the POS operation and the back of house operation, is powered by the integration of ChainStorePlus’ Core modules with the flexible Add-on modules based on the retail’s special operation needs.

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